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Blue Lock & Legend of Mana Epi 1

Blue lock follows unknown striker Yoichi Isagi, whilst legend of mana is your typical high fantasy JRPG

I’m a simple man, I like football therefore I watch football (yay world cup is here). I like cute JRPG female characters, therefore I’m watch an anime based off a JRPG with cute female characters.

|Bite-size scribs, a creepy dude, tells footballers on how to score goals and a high fantasy adventure awaits

Blue Lock Episode 1

Yoichi Isagi from blue lock
Yoichi Isagi coming to terms as to what makes a world class striker

An intense and very fast paced episode, some of the characters I didn’t even get to see their names. Blue lock follows unknown striker Yoichi Isagi, and his dream of being the best striker in the world. After he and his high school, lost to a rival school and even more so to Kira, who I kid you not, literally looks like he’s in a boy band. Or won’t be missed in one. Kira has talent as a forward though, that I’ll admit. Noticing the slight, difference in mentality when it comes in to being a forward or an attacker, Kira is better at it. He has that flair and charisma aka ego. That is found in quite a few strikers in the real game (mostly in Brazilian players). The opposite of a charismatic forward, is also known as a no nonsense forward. He knows where to put the ball, someone like England’s Harry Kane (I don’t find him charismatic).

As a forward, what Yoichi lacked is that instinct, that if a goal scoring opportunity for most attacking players cropped up, they’d take it. What I find interesting about blue lock, it almost deconstructs the typical shounen sports lead. Where the typical is; a strong, talented player, values all things team work and team play. Whilst that creepy dude Jinpachi, spouts off that being a selfish player, is what most of these dudes lack – ironically, they being forwards are actually selfish in their own way, they want the ball more and depending on what “type” of forwards, does play a part in tactics of the modern game. Also, yeah, Jinpachi is a creepy dude, I said that again didn’t I, well he is creepy. With a very harsh, cold tongue, the only thing I feel he’d be good for is being used as a toilet brush, that’s it I’m calling him toilet-pachi. I felt like punching the monk kid who looks like Conney from AoT. Anyway, besides the fast-paced nature of blue lock, I enjoyed the premier episode, with tiny struggles though.

Scribble rating:

Rating: 5 out of 9.
Kira scoring the winning goal for his team - blue lock
Yoichi sadden by the defeat from Kira's team - blue lock

Legend of Mana: Teardrop crystal Episode 1

Shiloh from Seiken Densetsu Legend of mana; tear drop crystal
Shiloh, an orphan who is found by a loving family is a typical fantasy troupe

I’m familiar with the game legend of mana or the Japanese name Seiken Densetsu, it’s your typical high fantasy JRPG. The only title I’ve played in the series, is Seiken Densetsu III (known as trials of mana) on a snes rom. Anyway, legend of mana tear drop crystal follows our lead named Shiloh. Your typical fantasy unassuming main lead that is altruistic, who is content with his way of life in his small village. The usual stuff that is found in most JRPGs.

I get that not much really happened in the first episode, as its slowly looking to build up, however the first episode wasn’t enthralling. A nice little popcorn watch, where I didn’t have to think. What appears to be the first party member of Shiloh is a dude called Elazul, who is looking for his partner named Pearl. Who is stuck in a dungeon – the typical damsel in distress. Which is the standard stuff in JRPGs. I’m curious about the world that Shiloh and co inhabit, that’s one thing Square Enix does well, they can build a world that is just pure fantasy (no pun intended). Do I have high hopes for legend of mana from the first episode, my instinct says…no

Scribble rating:

Rating: 2 out of 9.
Seiken Densetsu Legend of mana; the tear drop crystal - Elazul and Shiloh meet each other
Seiken Densetsu Legend of mana; the tear drop crystal - Shiloh and Elazul off to rescue pearl

Anyway, thanks if you read this post, appreciate, till then, I’ll catch ya on the next one

I’ve got more screen captures from each of these animes, over at my Pinterest. Blue Lock screen captures and Legend of Mana screen captures.

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